It’s not true at all, because we’ve never been to Greece before, but it felt like coming home. After all, we have become real childs of the EU, because suddenly the borders were no real borders, the money was known and a mood of the community was in the air. Maybe it was the prospect of sun, beach and the sea. It’s hard to say it exactly, but the prospect of rushing waves and warm temperatures let Ernst drive a few more miles / h faster.

The first morning after the short compulsory toll road started with a small flickering candle in a mini tartlet and a serenade from Laika and Martin on Conny’s birthday. Anyone who sang it slated, is no longer clearly understand who exactly, but it was most certainly the dog;). Nevertheless, someone was very happy about it.

The great, romantic dinner in the port city of Thessaloniki unfortunately encountered a massive communication problem with the waitress. You just cannot rely on the waitress bringing you something to eat, just because she kindly thanks you for the order. After 1 ½ hours of patient waiting (you can always hear that the southern countries are not in such a hurry) we swung around for a quick snack and drove along the bay to see the city in all its glory over the sea.

There we were finally, by the sea! Only the sun and the high temperatures were missing, but at least: the SEA! From now on, it should finally really go eastwards. Into the unknown, the rough, the new. To be honest … it felt less like the big adventure than in the previous countries. What has to happen, so that we finally realize that it is not a long package holiday? A foretaste was waiting for us at the eastern end of the country, but more on that next time.

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