No, we did not self-paragliding / paragliding / para-slipping. The paragliders were all already at home, and we had decided for a lonely night in nature. In one of these places we were only be visible at a great distance (3-4 km) from the road. But we were discovered. A cheerful troop of medium-aged men came up the hill with loud music in their car, we were welcomed with a big smile in the country, it was ten minutes chatting, and the spectacle was over again. We thought. Not an hour later, we saw the same car rolling in from a distance. This time they were prepared. Beer was unloaded, a chicken stuck on skewers, chopped firewood, tomatoes cut, in short, we were invited to barbecue at our house all of a sudden. After half a bottle of vodka and our last supply of Amarula we had deeply taken Emil and his friends in the heart. Unfortunately, we missed them the next days again and again, but we still stay in contact.

We once again switched from nature to our ‘beloved’ city park. But not without first looking at the city again. Kilometre-long promenades give Baku the flair of the Cuban Malecon. Everything was wonderfully tidy and clean. So we strolled for a little while and watch the sunset behind the Flame Towers.

At one of the city walks, which are not Laikas favourite, it still paid of for her. Dogs that are kept as pets, are not unknown in principle, but apparently very unusual. So Laika is now the star on many cell phone screens of Azerbaijan. Occasionally there was a cluster of 10-12 people around us and were very interested in our woof. For many people, she was even the first dog they ever petted. She is not just a little princess, but also the dog’s ambassador.

But not only nice promenades, the latest architecture and an old town were to be admired, but also the reason of the wealth of the country. Oil. From Germany we know here and there once an oil platform at sea, but what we have seen in this city, was awesome. In the middle of residential areas, parks, on the promenade, within sports facilities, yes everywhere there were these small oil pumps. There was even an oil university!

So alone for this sight it’s worth the visit in Baku. We’ve even figured out (attention, now you’re learning!) that the oil is pumped from a depth of about 500 meters and the first commercial oil well was made there. See device here.

The diversity of the city of Baku can be seen on every corner. When we arrived in Baku, we wondered about the fences erected on the sidewalks, but did not think anything about it. Other countries other manners…? Eventually, after all, we were there for a while, we saw that advertising was attached. So the preparations for the Formula 1 race were going on. By now we already knew Baku like the back of our hand and did not let it take us off the track. Ernst, the race waggon, did quite well, with an average speed of 30 km / h we were only a bit slower than … everyone else.

When finally got the package arriving from Germany, we could barely restrain ourselves to not immediately rush with full throttle to the south. It’s a good thing that we were able to slow down, because otherwise we would not have been able to keep the primeval south of the country in a worthy memory. As I said, a really beautiful and varied country.

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