If you want to go over bumpy slopes, you mainly need two things: suspension and ground clearance. Due to the 16 "tires, we have already escaped the ground by a few centimeters, but there are still some things to follow.
With the new reinforced coil springs, the suspension has already gained a lot of stability. In addition, there were newly configured leaf springs for the rear axle, consisting of two layers of the LT35, as well as a support layer and a spacer. Thus, a much stronger setup was chosen here than the LT28 actually needed. The actual elevation theorem has been put together in painstaking detail and with a great deal of expertise by one of the gurus of the LT scene. The accompanying, detailed manual has almost tempted me as a layman to rebuild everything myself, but so without any technical help, I would advise against anyone to tackle this project! It's about limiter, spacer, bump stop, spring tensioner, extensions, etc. And at the beginning of the conversion, I was an absolute layman. Now I am a layman with experience.
The rear oil pressure dampers had to be slightly longer than normal in our case, so a few modifications to the mount were needed to fit the new Monroes. But that was really one of the smallest problems. If anyone is interested in the rising Phrase, I will gladly pass on the contact information on request.