So far we have received many questions about what we consider to be essential equipment for our trip around the world. Due to our (luxurious) situation to own a camper, it is easy, but it is also quite fast to take quite a lot with us. Especially at the beginning and in the preparation time we put a lot of things on a list that we really want to take with us. Now, after more than half a year, we have been able to determine very well which of them make sense and which would have been better to stay at home.

Mobile Router

A very important thing for us Internet junkies is in any case a device that provides us with Internet all over the world. That’s why we bought this handy router from Huawei. In fact, it’s great, better reception than our smartphones, the battery lasts very long and you can use it as a power bank if necessary.

Camping chairs

We didn’t want to do without camping chairs for our improved outdoor seating feeling either, but since space is usually the decisive criterion for the van, we looked for very small pack sizes. We found these here from trekology. We were astonished when we really sat in the chairs for the first time. But not negative! Despite their low height and small seats, they adapt perfectly to our bodies and are extremely comfortable!


Since we have the luxury to call a fixed gas bottle our own and we can never say “no” to grilled food, a small Dometic grill had to be added to our luggage. It is very functional, you can cook on it!


Since we also knew that there are not only the great sides to such a trip around the world, but that something would often break, we packed this all-embracing socket wrench set. We really needed it a lot and it has everything a screwdriver’s heart desires. Except for a second 30mm socket (the LT drivers among us know what we are talking about).

For journeys through remote areas, like Mongolia, we wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible, so we also packed a compressor. For our LT it had to be quite strong and be able to build up pressures up to almost five bar. So far it has proved itself well, especially for inflating a kayak (which we would strongly advise against for safety reasons, you know…).

And for the hardcore among you: Yes, we also have a battery flex/drill with us. Unbelievably great! And a device that you can use for everything and everywhere. If you ask a man.


We were and are really enthusiastic about our flashlights. Yes, we got them sponsored, but still we write this out of conviction! Nitecore’s lamps are not only incredibly bright and turn night into day, no, they are also USB rechargeable and the battery lasts very long! To drive out bears, screw under the car at night, as table lighting or for the nightly pee-pee rounds simply perfect.
Simple flashlight, headlamp spot, headlamp flood, camping lamp

Water & Kitchen

We have the Katadyn Filter for filtering unclean water. It’s not the fastest, but who’s in a hurry on a time-out!

Shortly before we left for our world tour, we came across these folding utensils by chance. We are really enthusiastic about the bucket, which you can always use, be it to pour water into the car, to wash the dog and/or the car, or to treat yourself to a foot bath. We can also recommend the folding bowls and the folding sieve from Outwell.

And then there is our mobile washing machine. Actually a big, waterproof ton, into which we put our laundry, two washing balls, some biodegradable washing powder and the rest of the rumble streets. Of course it is not clinically clean, but it does a very good job on the way. No waiting times for the laundromat, no expensive dry cleaning.

This list is of course not complete, but shows the things that seem most practicable to us or are most important to us (see socket set). You think we should include more in this list? Write us a mail or a comment!

All links used by us lead to products on Amazon. We would be pleased if you would buy these on our recommendation. For this we receive a small monetary thank-you from Amazon, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Support our journey with a few clicks and our lifelong thanks are yours!

Which car should I take on a world trip?


When you have the plan to make a one year world trip in a camper van you will come to the point that you start thinking about what your tiny home needs, or better, what you need, that would also fit into that tiny space.

Finding the right car as a basis

During the car-finding-phase I was still alone in chasing the world trip dream, so I made up my mind which characteristics are essential for me. After several talks with my coworkers and plenty different ideas I start searching for a car that is or has:

  • Headspace. After living on a boat for a couple of months where I cannot stand upright (and I am not super tall), that was one very important thing. So I was looking for a car with a high roof.
  • Bathroom. Privacy is a thing that I can barely let go, so I definitely need a space for doing women things and in case I am argueing with my s.o. I can just shut the door and bee for myself a bit.
  • Compactness. Having heard stories about finding parking lots, driving through cities and reading bridge hight signs I wanted the car to be as compact as possible.
  • Simple technology. Being underway sometimes means you have no other helping hand than yours. That’s why the car should be quite old, which would mean that not too much electronics is inside of it ( I am terrible with electricity, but best in repairing things with a hammer).
  • Overcap bed. Wanting the car compact but still wanting a lot of space means to have the bulkies item of a camper sowhere else than down where you want to live, unless you really like to make up your whole bed every day.

Having these aspects in mind, I went seraching for (affordable) camper vans. What I found was the Volkswagen LT28 Florida, which was just as compact as I wanted, with the equipment mentioned above and so old, that I was wondering if he still has a steam engine.

After almost one year of searching I found this pretty gem for an almost reasonable price. Being a reliable friend I christened him uncle Ernst, which means “seriousness”.

My mom wished my luck before all the imoprtant new life periods, like primary, secondary, my first job, university and things like that. She than always said: “Now the serious side of life starts.”. So with this new life period I decided, that NOW the seriousness really starts, which in this case needs a bit of pre-heating and choke and will result in an enormous exhaust cloud.

We then did some test tours and found that he was almost perfect. Almost? Yes, you know, there is always room for improvement. So we made up a plan, which things we needed to change, upgrade or rebuilt. Saving you saturday evening, this odyssey will fill one of the next entries.

Why are we moving into a van?


Yes, why? That the second most asked question we got so far. The answer on why we are moving into a van full-time can be simple (as we are): Why not? Or a bit more detailed.

With the masterplan to travel around the world for one year you start asking yourself: How? We than decided, that travelling in a camper van would be the best option for us: you can pack all your belongings and they keep rolling with you, your sleeping space ist just behind the drivers seat and you can stop where ever you found your perfect spot. You will not depend on travel groups, agencies or crowded hostels. It’s just you and your camper. Maybe some mosquitos.

For our planned route there are not so many options. Travelling only by plane is a torture for our doggie. Ships aren’t very common. Walking? Biking? Hitch-Hiking? No way. We heard of some brave van people who travelled part of our route (and were successful). So we decided: Let’ drive around the world.

Our preparations took already more than six months, but still we feel kind of headless. We will see which pleasures our journey will bring.

You are still asking yourself what was the number one asked question? Stay tuned for more 🙂