… nope! So far the journey feels like a weekend trip. Well, actually we could turn around and be home by Sunday evening. But no, let’s move on, we’re just at the start.
So, let’s start from the beginning: Friday we went off, from Berlin with some stops over Poland to Saxony. There we stopped in Königshain, near a granite quarry (thank you for earlier visit, Vladi!). The first night was cuddly, with our pimped mattress, the double duvet and two pillows each, it was not only warm but also a bit crowded at the top. Despite temperatures around zero, nobody actually was freezing.
After the morning start and an incredibly nice meet-up on an iced hill (Regards to you, Berlin-guy, if you’re reading this), we went for a small walk around the granite mining area and further in the direction of the Czech Republic. And since we forget things, we still had one or the other stop a supermarket, hardware store & Co. Our goal for the day were the Prachau Mountains, where there should be really nice photo opportunities. At dawn we parked with another car (was it the caretaker?) at the foot of the national park.
On Sunday morning we sit in the mountains, the dog on the long leash, Martin with the camera, Conny with the backpack. Snow-covered rocks, firs as thin as matches and no one around. Gorgeous! We walked a good two hours, zoomed (sometimes hurled) by the dog and couldn’t get enough. But we wanted to go on. In the afternoon we drove to Prague and did a short walk through the old town, ate Trdelnik and made our way further again. This time in the direction of Cesky Sternberk, where we stop at the foot of a giant castle in the middle of the forest.

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