Yes, why? That the second most asked question we got so far. The answer on why we are moving into a van full-time can be simple (as we are): Why not? Or a bit more detailed.

With the masterplan to travel around the world for one year you start asking yourself: How? We than decided, that travelling in a camper van would be the best option for us: you can pack all your belongings and they keep rolling with you, your sleeping space ist just behind the drivers seat and you can stop where ever you found your perfect spot. You will not depend on travel groups, agencies or crowded hostels. It’s just you and your camper. Maybe some mosquitos.

For our planned route there are not so many options. Travelling only by plane is a torture for our doggie. Ships aren’t very common. Walking? Biking? Hitch-Hiking? No way. We heard of some brave van people who travelled part of our route (and were successful). So we decided: Let’ drive around the world.

Our preparations took already more than six months, but still we feel kind of headless. We will see which pleasures our journey will bring.

You are still asking yourself what was the number one asked question? Stay tuned for more 🙂

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