Finally, we are rolling. Not just the short rides to run errands or do important things. No, this time it finally starts. It does not feel right yet. We drive through Berlin, Conny’s hometown. The area is familiar, the last errands are actions as they are done in daily life. But today is the day. THE day. Today. We start our world trip.

Was that the beginning? We have been working towards this goal for so long, pushing the “Ernst” project forward, and the last days and weeks we have not been doing anything else, soone can say that the journey has begun for a long time already.

But when was that exactly? Was it the spark of the idea to do a world trip? Was it the purchase of Ernst, our camper? Was it the beginning of the conversion of our VW LT Florida? Maybe it will not start until we pass milestones like Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia or when we arrive in Boston? Or was it 11:28 am today when we rolled from the parking lot of Conny’s parents?

No matter how you define a travel start, every journey around the world begins with the release of the handbrake.

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