There is not much to say about the tires. The choice of the rubber itself was between three models. In addition to the BF Goodrich ALL Terrain KO2 were still the MUD terrain from the same manufacturer, as well as the Goodyear Wrangler in conversation. In the end we decided to go for the All Terrain, as it was then available at a good price, and offered a balance between road and off-road. The tires vary very often in the price, as they are probably produced only rarely, and thus the availability has great influence on the market.
Even without the differential lock on, our Ernst is now digging through a lot of terrain that used to be an absolute no-go. He has been particularly good on ice and snow so far, and gravel is also his declared home. Only with mud the grooves settle quite fast.
It's just a compromise tire, but a very, very good one. The durability seems to be right. The first 10,000 km we spent mostly on asphalt, and yet we have had to lose little profile so far.
Installing these tires on an LT requires no modification to the rear wheel arches. At the front one comes to a few cuts with the angle grinder, putty work and maybe some welding, unfortunately, but worth the conversion, not only because of the powerful appearance. But never forget: Just because he looks like an off-roader, he is far from being one.