We drive. Well, at least we call that driving. The truck drivers behind us woul love to take us on their bumper and by that remove the traffic obstruction.
The bumpy country roads of Hungary combined with curves in all directions pose serious challenges for both Ernst and crew. Martin tels the direction and intensity of the curves, Laika rolls her eyes because she can not lie comfortably, Conny cranks the steering wheel every now and then and talks to each gear well. Another increase. Sixteen percent. “Come on, third, you can do it! I’ll trust on you, give everything!” Shake, shake. “Ok, second, your chance, be better than the third, with you we are on the safe side!”.
This is how many hours pass, because we want to accomplish many kilometers today. If you follow our live map, you will see that sometimes it just does not go ahead. Speaking of progress. We get to know our Ernst / vehicle / apartment better from day to day. Like when we were in the parking lot and the engine just did not start. We were motivated, the battery was full, electricity was running. But nothing. So Martin climbed out of Ernst, pushed him a few centimeters back. That turned the engine and the starter had enough power to start the engine.
Or all the other days, when we have to take every right curve with 30 km/H, because when we’re too fast, the diff lock will snap…
But not only start assistance, pushing and listening to noises is on the program, no, even smaller track adjustment or even just renewing the cables of the gas preheating. It’s just an old car (sorry, Ernst!) And there is always something to do. We are looking forward to the next challenges that accompany us on the way.

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