As you may have guessed so far, Romania has not convinced us. If not, I’ll bring that back to your mind for a second: garbage.
So it was day 3 in Romania and we started out of this snowy winter landscape towards Bran. Bran. Exactly, who does not know it. We wanted to go to Bran Castle, as it was called the “Dracula Castle” due to the great similarity in the novel of the same name. So we drove deeper into the Carpathians and Ernst bravely fought his way up the serpentines. Second gear, my best friend. We came through remote hamlets and deep forests, it had something mystical, which suited Dracula. We had forgotten garlic, preparation is everything … Then we drove to Bran and tata! A tourist village of first class. Gone with rural tranquility. Restaurant, souvenirs and parking guards at every turn. But ok, we wanted to take a look at the legend of the castle. Said and done. But then at the entrance: “Big dog no possible”. Laika is now a big dog, ok. She felt flattered and we left again, we had sworn to go in only where our fluffy is alllowed. At the entrance of the castle Conny was hit by a roof avalanche. We had not imagined that, but it suited our picture of Romania. Since we had already bought a parking ticket for two hours we strolled on the tourist market and bought smoked cheese and – now it comes – hand-woven and -knit partner sheep wool sweater. So slowly we become one person.
We drove further into the Carpathians and found above a small village a great place where we wanted to stay (again in the snow). The sunset in the mountains was glorious, the peaks sparkling and shining in all shades of red and orange. We were just about to go to sleep, when a car drove around us several times, honked and pulled off again. Who should that be? Half an hour later, a man knocked with a huge herding dog (he was 75 cm tall). We anxiously opened the sliding door expecting a booth timepiece for wrong parking, and the man asked against all expectations: “Problem?” We waved off. What a nice gesture! The man lived about 200 meters further and thought we had a problem with the car and just wanted to offer his help. We responded with “camping” and he understood us and replied “Ah, camping, camping!” and left again. In this wonderfully clear mountain night with great stars in the sky, we fell deeply asleep.
The next two days we made the track and drove out of the Carpathians on Ramnicu, Pitesti and Slatina. There we stayed overnight, before we went on to get to Widin in Bulgaria as soon as possible. On the way we found again and again old parked aircraft wrecks. At one point, someone had put three of them together and lived in them. Our resume to Romania: not again.

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