Ok, admittedly the forest was so lonely that probably no wolves, bears or any other creatures got here, but still, we wanted to get away quickly. Even if it was the only place in Romania so far, where no bottles, plastic bags, tires or other debris was laying around. So we started early and we drove and drove and drove. On this day we made right an amount of kilometers, because the road conditions were good, partly we drove on the highway, which was no comparison to a Polish highway. Almost certainly financed with EU funds, Ernst was able to develop his full force and we drove with incredibly fast 75 km / h to the southeast. Our next destination was the Carpathians. After many hours we finally saw mountains again; the flat, treeless, greasy, drab country had come to an end. There was landscape again. We were looking for a place in the mountains behind Herrmannstadt. Ernst rummaged through the snow (yes, there was snow again!) Until we found a place that was cozy, quiet and even beautiful. Everywhere was 30 cm high snow and the sun was glorious! Parking and there we go for a small winter walk. Laika was in her element. She loves snow and could romp for hours in it. So her people fought with her a snowball fight first class. End of the song: Laika won. All snowballs were properly caught and destroyed, people were broken and basically wet and dirty from top to bottom. Here we experienced a completely different Romania. The passing farmers greeted us friendly when they saw us, although we were somehow near their homesteads, the landscape was just not only available but also really pretty and garbage was also not visible. Maybe because he was lying under the snow. But here we liked it.

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