Dracula, great landscapes and wonderful hiking trails. That’s what we heard from this country and our expectations were accordingly high. We left Hungary via Szeged (some of you know Szeged because of the big music festival, others because of the Szeged goulash or the salami). We really liked the country and later we want to make a longer trip here. But it should go on, we wanted to quickly head into the warmth. We drove from Hungary to Romania across the border, Laika laid back her ears again and was very cute to the border guards, who of course melted away. At the vignette station 100 meters away we met an Uelzener who was on a family visit. Probably hunter, because he had a Subaru in green. And then came:

Nothing. For a long time nothing.

The road in Romania was lined with garbage. Unnecessarily a lot of garbage. No forest, hardly a shrub. From time to time disintegrated megaland farms and towns. The smoke of the wood-fired ovens hung heavily in the air, taking sight and breath. Should that be the impression with which we leave this country later? But there were bright spots.

We drove to Timisoara, where we arrived late. After all, we also wanted to get to know regional cuisine. In front of the restaurant “Old House” Ernst got some admiring glances and we were recommended the restaurant with highest notes. So with our doggie we went in, the waiter even spoke English! We ordered lemonade and a meat plate that had it all. We ate almost everything, and the waiter acknowledged this accomplishment with approval. “This platter is normally for four people.” With pride and bellies filled to burst we went on sleeping place search, which turned out to be very difficult without trees. We wanted to stand alone and unnoticed, as we always had this subliminal theft victim feeling. We found a very lonely place late in the only forest far and wide, where Conny was afraid of wolves, bears, the silence and above all the darkness. But at least we could stop here.

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