The choice for Ernst was largely determined by the fact that he is old and we had to probably pretty much repair everything on the way somehow by ourselfs. No controllers, no computers. The only thing that could really bring us to our knees on the journey would be a fatal engine failure. To prevent this, the good Ernst got the complete pampering program. New cylinder head (the old one was torn), timing belt, glow plugs & starters were only the beginning. Since the turbocharger did not seem so fit, we decided to go for the complete conversion to the ACL version with a small turbocharger. The new injection pump was overhauled by the engine manufacturer together with the nozzles. Intake manifold, manifold and air duct were almost as new with a cleaning again. The new intercooler has no place behind the grill without screws and just found the 25-row oil cooler was mounted in front of the radiator. Now you could certainly get a lot more performance by boost pressure change out of the good 2.4 l motor, but an attitude towards the longest possible durability seemed to all diligent and priceless helpers the only sensible option. Even with a 12% slope on desert mountains, the temperature is now in an acceptable range, and Ernst purrrrrrrs as round as I've ever heard a LT before. So if you want to help your unit really get started again ... we know the suitable masterful hands for it.