That a car after such repairs and conversions probably needs new paint, is unfortunately inevitable. Since Ernst has plundered us the promise to completely restore him, as he'd bring us safely around the northern hemisphere, we have decided for the time now the fast version with the paint roller. Our Florida should still be recognizable as such, so new decorations had to be made. Unfortunately, what you can get on the market, has a few small mistakes in the geometry of the font, and I am unfortunately too pedantic to accept something like that. The beginner skills in Adobe Illustrator were just enough to design all the parts as a vector file. There are no printed color stripes, but colored films, which are superimposed, and therefore are immune to slight shrinkage. Michael Junk from the Inscription Miracle took a whole night together with us to decorate Ernst for the big stage, the result is probably better than the original. I have left my files to him, so who needs a new dress for a Florida or other stickers and foils is with him at a very good and dedicated address.