Much has not changed here. Not because it was not necessary, but because we lacked the time to understand the huge clutter behind the dashboard. When we found old alarm systems, including wiring, we knew it was a fight that we could not win so soon. In the cab, so only a USB charging slot for the phones was installed,the speakers were replaced and the old starter battery to an AGM Start & Stop. What you should pay attention to, is that the charge controller for the alternator also corresponds to the ideal charging voltage of the battery. So we have to join in on occasion. 😉

The same type of battery, only double, now also performs its service in the living area and does its job so far extremely well. Fed by the two solar modules, which have found space next to each other on the roof rack, we have never sat in the dark despite abundant use. For the modules, we opted for monocrystalline ones, as they bring a decent yield even at unfavorable angles. Coupled with an MPPT charge controller, which also takes into account the type of battery in its charge program, we have found a combination that does an excellent job. For the 230 V devices, a sine wave inverter is on board, which withstands emergency 1000 W continuous load. It is clear that the batteries will not last long, but my theory is that I hope the device will last longer if it is lightly loaded. To save some space, it is a device with built-in charger, which comes as soon as you can draw land power. Works well, even if we only used it twice. So much the better that we could make better use of the limited space.