… is to have friends all over the world! But a visit during a world trip is more like a reunion with family members. This absolute cordiality, co-joy, interest and tackle with repairs and everyday softens our heart!

The last night we spent with Martina, a BoรŸel friend of Martin, who now lives northeast of Vienna. She looked after us so well that we almost did not want to leave. We were able to wash clothes, got raclette for dinner and warmed our cheeks and spirits with beer. Laika was once again the star, because her cuteness factor only ever increases. Again at this point: Wheeee!

During the day we had visited Vienna, ate Kaiserschmarrn and apricot dumplings and Laika went courageously, after she has flirted with the coachman, gave several timid dog-pecks to the Fiaka-horse.

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